Syrup Sponge Pudding Sponge Covered with Golden Syrup  £4.25
 Sticky Toffee Pudding A Toffee Pudding Served with Toffee Sauce  £4.25
 Apple & Blackberry Crumble A sweet Crumble with Apple and Blackberry  £4.25
 Apple Pie Cooked Apples in Short Crust Pastry  £4.25

 Bread & Butter Pudding A classic pudding  £4.35
 Chocolate BrownieGluten Free Chocolate Brownie  £4.25
 All Served with one of the following Custard, Ice Cream or Cream

(Additional accompaniments’ 40p each)

 Banoffi Ice Cream Cake 
Lemon Meringue £4.25
 Ice cream Various Flavours Available                 £3.55
 Cheese and Biscuits A Selection of Cheeses Served with Biscuits  £5.25