Children s Roast (Sunday Only) £4.75    Combi Mains  
  Batterd Cod 
Chicken Burger in a Roll
 Garlic Mushrooms  £1.95    Beefburger in a Roll  £2.65
 Brie Wedges  £2.29    Cheeseburger in a roll  £2.80
 Prawn Cocktail  £2.35    Chicken  Burger £2.35 
 Mains      Beefburger  £2.30
Cottage Pie 

 £3.00    ChickenFillet Bites  £2.55
 Breakfast- Sausage, Bacon,Egg and Beans  £3.10    Sausage  £1.90
Ham Salad  £2.25    Egg  £1.55
 Cheese Salad  £2.25    Scampi  £3.30
 Small Bowl Of Chips  £1.00    Fish Fingers  £2.00
 Cheesy Chips  £1.50    Ham, Egg £2.45 
 A Few Extras     Then Add  
 Onion Rings  75p    Chips, Mash or Salad  
 Garlic Bread (Slice)  35p    (Included in the Price)  
 Bread & Butter (Slice)  25p    For an Extra 50p  
 Salad  75p    Finish it off with   
 Desserts      Beans,Mushrooms or Peas,  
 Ice Cream  70p      
 Ice Cream Cornet  95p      
 Minty Magnum  £2.30