Prawn Cocktail Succulent Prawns served on a Bed of Lettuce with Cocktail Sauce


Thai Style Fish Cake Fish Cake served on a Bed of Lettuce with Sweet Chilli Sauce or Tartare Sauce 

 Soup of the Day A Delicious Soup served with a Hot Bread Roll  £4.25
 Garlic Mushrooms Mushrooms Coated in Breadcrumbs, Deep Fried and served with Garlic Mayonnaise   £4.25
 Deep fried Brie Wedges Wedges of French Brie Coated in Breadcrumbs served with Redcurrant Jelly  £4.25
 Vegetable Spicy Delights                    

Two Vegetable Sam0sas and Two Vegetable mini Spring rolls served with Chilli Sauce

 Hot Cream Cheese Jalapenos Breaded and deep fried Served with Sweet Chilli sauce  £4.25
 Mix & Match       Two starters  £7.95
                              Three Starters  £11.75
 Choose from Brie Wedges, Garlic Mushrooms, Vegetable Spicy Delights and Jalapenos  
 Why Not add Onion Rings  £1.10 for 5
    Main Course 
 8oz Rump Steak with Mushrooms, Tomatoes,

Onion Rings and Peas or A Salad.

 Pepper sauce

 Lamb Shank with Peas

A large Braised Lamb Shank in a sweet Mint & Onion Gravy

 10oz Gammon Steak with an Egg and Peas or A Salad  £9.25
 Chicken Kiev Coated in Breadcrumbs, Filled with Garlic Butter

with Peas or A Salad

*Our New Homemade Pies* Steak, Mushroom & Tribute Ale or Chicken, Mushroom & Leek Pie with Chips, Mash or Jacket Potato & Peas or Beans*

 All served with Chips, Jacket Potato or Mashed Potatoes
 Chicken Tikka Massala or Korma Tender Pieces Chicken of Tikka Meat in a Creamy Medium Spiced Sauce or Creamy Korma   £8.25
 GoanVegetable Curry Sweet potato with spinach, chick peas and green pepper, flavoured with garlic, cumin, coriander and coconut.  £8.25
 Chilli Con Carne or 3 Bean Smoke chilli v  £8.25
 All served with Chips, Jacket Potatoes or Rice
 Braised Beef & Leeks in a red wine and Thyme sauce with Peas

Prime Beef and Leeks garnished with strips of carrot 

 ½ Rack BBQ Ribs and Char Grilled Chicken

with Onion Rings 

 Breaded Plaice or Battered Cod with Peas or a Salad  £8.25
Wholetail Scampi with Peas or A Salad  £8.25
 Rainbow Trout with Vegetables or A Salad  £9.75
 Cod Fillet with Parsley Sauce with Peas or A Salad  £8.95
 All served with Chips, Jacket Potato

 or Mashed Potatoes

 Vegetable or Meat Lasagne  £8.25
 Stilton and Vegetable Crumble

Vegetables in a Rich Creamy Stilton Sauce Topped with Crunchy Cheese

 All served with Chips or Jacket Potato  
 Homemade Cottage Pie served with Peas or Beans  £8.25

*Kung Po King Prawn * New £10.25

*Kung Po Chicken* New £8.75

Temperu Battered King Prawns* or lightly Battered Chicken in a Kung Po Sauce (Slightly Spicey) served with Egg Fried Rice or Chips